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Blog Update Taking a Short Break

As you may have noticed the postings to the blog have slowed down recently. I’ve been having some health problems so I’m going to take a little break for now but hope to be back posting new stuff before too long. Thanks, CW

New Direction for the Blog

Regular blog visitors will be noticing a change in the direction of the subject matter covered on this blog. Up until this point it has revolved entirely around music but I’ve made the decision to broaden the subject matter dealt with and write about a wide variety of subjects that interest me. You’ll still see … Continue reading

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Our New Look

As you can see I’ve changed the whole look of the blog. Let me know what you think of the new design theme that I picked out to use for it.

Review for Switchfoot’s Upcoming EP, ‘Vice Re-Verses’

My review for Switchfoot’s upcoming EP, ‘Vice Re-Verses,’ can now be found on’s site. The band takes their music in a whole new direction on the EP with the electronic soaked style that’s found on it. The EP includes remixes of songs from the band’s, ‘Vice Verses,’ album by Paper Route’s JT Daly, Owl … Continue reading

Book Review for Todd Starnes’ ‘Dispatches from Bitter America’

Review for Todd Starnes’ ‘Dispatches from Bitter America’ Book Author: Todd Starnes Title: ‘Dispatches from Bitter America’ Publisher: B&H Publishers Author’s Website: By C.W. Ross I don’t usually review books but when this one was sent to me I decided to give it a read. The award winning (Edward R. Murrow Award, Associated Press … Continue reading