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The Classic Imperials – ‘Still Standing’

The Classic Imperials
‘Still Standing’
Gospel/ Pop/ Southern Rock
By C.W. Ross

If there ever was a band that could claim earthly royalty it would be the 4-time Grammy, 17-time Dove Award’s winning group, with 42 albums under their belt, The Classic Imperials that have been at it musically now for 5 decades starting way back in 1964!

Things kick off on their latest release, ‘Still Standing’, with two up-tempo tracks, “Live My Life”, a pop/rock edged song that talks about living your life for the Lord and “Looking Over My Shoulder”, that has a southern rock flavor as it talks about not holding grudges in your life and the freeing power of redemption.

Track-4, “Heaven”, is the first track that features the group’s trademark vocal harmonies in a gospel style.

“God’s Got Something Good”, is a nice pop track about the hope of God’s goodness told through the story of a homeless beggar.

“Ebenezer” is a fiery Southern Gospel rocker that heats things up with its wailing electric guitar and keys parts that had my feet tapping along to its beats

“If There’s No God”, is driven by its pure vocal harmonies that talk about faith being believing in that which you can’t see. And just because you can’t see God doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist.

“If I Were Jesus”, offers up a nice country sound.

Maybe my memory is wrong but this release seems to have a lot more of a pop/rock vibe found on it then I remember from past albums from the group that I’ve heard. What the band has to say about their new release seems to confirm my thoughts.

The band said that on this release they wanted to reach out to different audiences with their sound. “Our motivation was to do an album that wasn’t necessarily geared to the Christian market even though we’re a gospel group,” reveals band member Dave Will. “These songs could definitely be played on pop or country radio and reach outside the church. A song like,
“Something’s Wrong with the World” really speaks to what’s going on in the world today, though we’re reminding people to hold onto God’s unchanging hand.”

If The Classic Imperials can keep putting out music like that found on their latest release, ‘Still Standing’, I can see their music reaching out to several more generations until the Lord calls them home with its blend of the past meets the future style of music.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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