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DecembeRadio’s ‘Southern Attic Sessions’ EP Releases March 11!

The long awaited follow up to DecembeRadio’s Dove Award winning CD Satisfied is here!

The five song Southern Attic Sessions EP was recorded in the band’s own studio. Josh Reedy says the guys loved the freedom and creativity their own studio afforded them, “Being able to write and create for this record in our own home studio has been a refreshing experience. I feel we make our best music when we’re relaxed, comfortable, and having fun. I think you can hear that on Southern Attic Sessions, and we’re excited to bring it to the stage for the Be Strong Tour.”

Eric Miker says recording in their own studio allowed them to take their time to get it right, “It was awesome to be in the studio as long and late as we wanted to without worrying about the clock and hourly rates.”

The EP was produced by DecembeRadio themselves. Eric feels this allowed them to give Southern Attic Sessions more of a personal touch and allowed more of DecembeRadio’s passion to come through. “We didn’t spend our time adding 15 tracks of guitar to every song, but concentrated on getting that magic take with all the right mojo. While this might not be as produced as our previous efforts we feel like it left a lot more room for soul and feel on the Southern Attic Sessions.”

Southern Attic Sessions is, “Classic DecembeRadio with a southern accent (naturally). More rock riffs, soaring leads, and powerful ballads.” The song list contains four new songs and one that might be a little familar to old school DR fans.

Southern Attic Sessions tracklisting:

1. Deeper Well
2. Narrow
3. Where I Wanna Be
4. Be Strong
5. Son, When You Feel Down

Southern Attic Sessions releases March 11, 2011. Pre-release sales will start this week on Pre-order and your copy will be autographed by Josh, Brian, and Eric!

Source- DecembeRadio Newsletter


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