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Kenny Young – ‘Simple Things’

Kenny Young
‘Simple Things’
Rock/ Singer Songwriter
By C.W. Ross

Music has always been a big part of musician Kenny Young’s life. His father was an accomplished guitar player and by age 8 Kenny had already taught himself to play guitar. In grade school (5th grade) Kenny joined the school choir. At the young age of 12 he was in his first official band playing drums. At age 21 he started a group named Tribulation that also included his brother and father in the lineup. The band started out as a cover band but Kenny started incorporating original material that he had written into the band’s sets.

After taking some time off to raise his family, fast forward to today, and the 40-something has released his debut full length release, ‘Simple Things’ on Indie label Tommy Naples Music. The new album offers a total of 14 tracks, 13 + a reprise of the title track- “Simple Things.” All of the songs are original music except for, “Walk Away Renee”, and The Allman Brothers Band classic song, “Midnight Rider.”

The press material that came with this release mentioned several of Kenny’s musical influences including, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, and The Allman Brothers. I didn’t get much of any AC/DC influence in his music but there’s definitely a southern rock connection especially on up tempo tracks like, “Where Do We Go from Here”, “Krazy”, “Nothing without You”, and “Strong Man.”

‘Simple Things’ also offers a more melodic tender side on songs like, “Lay a Rose” and “Carousel.”

You’ll also find different sounding tracks like, “Simple Things-Reprise”, that features background singers chanting, ‘Mambo Rahisi’ which the album’s liner notes says means ‘Simple Things’ in Swahili. Young’s cover of The Allman Brothers song, “Midnight Rider,” also offers up a different take on the song with its mix of guitars, congas, bongos, tambourine, organ, strings, and cowbell instrumentation found on it, along with guitar and loop effects.

‘Simple Things’ offers up a lot of well done songs, with music that entertains the listener’s ears.


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