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Francesca Battistelli – ‘Hundred More Years’

Francesca Battistelli
‘Hundred More Years’
Christian/ Pop
By C.W. Ross

Francesca Battistelli is back with her very highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Hundred More Years.’ The album has already spawned the radio hit single, “This is the Stuff.”

As a reward to her fans Francesca held a month long listening party for the new album on her website in February allowing fans to hear all of the songs found on it.

The music found on ‘Hundred More Years’ is mostly a blend of Contemporary and pop styles with liberal use of strings in the background adding a nice richness to the songs. I also found that the piano/keyboard parts found in the songs added a lot to the overall end sound of the songs.

Highlight tracks for me include, “This is the Stuff,” a song that has a folk rock quality found on it that’s really pleasing to the ears. I could listen to this song over and over without ever getting bored by it. Lyrically the song deals with being willing to follow God’s plan for your life, even when it might seem like the exact opposite of what you think you should do.

Another album highlight is the rhythmic track, “You Never Are”, the song talks about God’s grace and that no matter what you’ve done or how old you are that you’re never too far away or old for God’s unending grace for us.

“Motion Of Mercy”, is a nice mid-tempo track about reaching that point in your life when you have a real heart for giving and a real passion and desire to reach out and help others in need.

“Emily (It’s Love)” is an up tempo pop track featuring the vocal talents of singer songwriter Dave Barnes and deals with not giving up on love or hope in your life.

The last track I want to mention is, “Don’t Miss It”, a lively pop track that talks about the need to slow down and take the time to enjoy ever moment that life offers you. Put simply- ‘enjoy the moment!’

While I have mentioned several songs from the album in my review in all honesty I could have listed them all because this release is filled with top notch songs and there isn’t a clunker in the whole bunch of them.

With all of the great music found on her latest release, ‘Hundred More Years’, Francesca Battistelli has deeply cemented her future for many more years to come in the Christian music landscape.


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