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Laura Roppé – ‘I’m Still Here’

Laura Roppé
‘I’m Still Here’
Singer Songwriter
By C.W. Ross

Singer-songwriter Laura Roppé first appeared on the San Diego music scene in 2008 with the release of her debut album, “Girl Like This.” Her happiness from that event was short lived though when within weeks of the release she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Roppé underwent surgery and several months of chemotherapy for it. Showing her fighting spirit though after her treatment was completed she turned her focus back to her music putting together her sophomore album, ‘I’m Still Here’.

You might think dealing with such a traumatic event in her life that this album would be filled with retrospective, gloomy lyrics- nothing could be further from the truth. ‘I’m Still Here’ is for the most part filled with up tempo songs that showcase, ‘The Human Fighting Spirit.’

Trying to fit Roppé’s music into just one style is impossible. Like a chameleon changing its colors to adapt to its present environment with each new song Roppé’s style changes. You’ll find everything from, singer-songwriter, folk, and modern country to jazz, pop, and rock music emanating from her songs.

‘I’m Still Here’ was produced by Roppé’s cousin, Matthew Embree who’s the front man and lead guitarist for the Indie band, Rx Bandits. You’ll also find Embree’s on the latest edition of the video game, ‘Guitar Hero.’

Roppé doesn’t take long to kick things into high gear with the rocking opening track found on her album, ‘I’m Still Here’. The opening song “Bail Yourself Out” talks about when life kicks you in the butt instead of moaning about it you need to kick it up a gear and pick yourself back up and to not be too afraid to follow your dreams.

Other up tempo tracks that caught my attention include the fun, lighthearted, and slightly campy song, “George Clooney”, along with, “Wage Peace”, and the album’s closing title track, ‘I’m Still Here’, that deals with the restorative, overcoming human spirit.

For those of you looking for some more melodic songs ‘I’m Still Here’ serves up several of them including, “Woobie” and “Butterfly Girl.” For those of you, like me, who aren’t sure what a, ‘Woobie’ is, Roppé say that, ” it’s her word for any kind of stuffed animal or security blanket that wards off nightmares”. In her case she and her husband see each other as their ‘Woobie’s’.

With the release of her latest album, ‘I’m Still Here’, Laura Roppé is definitely still here and putting out some great music.

In a footnote Roppé has just completed writing an inspirational memoir entitled ‘Woobie’ about her musical life adventures and as she says, “kicking cancer’s ass.”, A top literary agent is now in the process of submitting it to major publishing houses. So keep your eye out for it in the future.


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