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Sean Slaughter Latest Album, “The Prototype”

Slaughter Music CEO/Recording Artist, Sean Slaughter has been enjoying the success of his latest album, “The Prototype” everything from the music video and single, “Who We Are” to his most popular single “Survivor” featuring Canton Jones. Sean Slaughter has a lot in store for 2011 releasing late this summer, “The Prototype” Limited Edition Packagewhich includes “The Prototype” cd with extra content,“The Prototype Live” album, and “The Prototype Live” DVD with music videos, behind the scenes footage and more!

Sean Slaughter has formed a new super group called,”The Burn Unit” which featuresSean Slaughter, CMO, and Pros. Also, Sean Slaughter has been hard at work on a new television program for JC-TV and TBN titled, “Life Is…with Sean Slaughter” and is described as a magazine style show, focused on today’s hot topics, headlines, and urban/pop culture insight from a Christian perspective. To be considered for an interview or performance please contact and email Sean Slaughter on the Contact Page.

All music videos can be sent to In addition to everything else Sean Slaughter and his team at Slaughter Music have put in place the JPS Mentoring Media Arts Program which helps inner city youth to learn studio recording, video production, dance, and many other areas to transform their lives. The media arts program is non-for-profit and is paid for by the local schools and the city. When asked about the current events taking place, Sean Slaughter described it this manner, “God has truly opened doors with everything going on and even though this is an extremely busy season in my life; I am so humbled by what God does to convey His message in a relevant way to people.” The Ham Sandwich Network program, “What In The Ham Sandwich?!” continues with hot discussions, blogs, and play relevant music videos to keep listeners in the know about the culture surrounding them today. Be on the lookout for the “I Am The Prototype Tour”heading all across the country and around the globe this spring, summer, and fall as well as into 2012.

For more information check out Sean Slaughter’s website:

Source- LifelineWorldWide


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