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Floater – ‘Wake’

By C.W. Ross

‘Wake’ (Typhon Records) is the 8th studio album from this Oregon based band consisting of front man Rob Wynia (bass), Dave Amador (guitar), and Pete Cornett (drums). The band defines their sound as- ‘constantly evolving.’ Their formula is to keep enough of their original sound for longtime fans of the band to recognize while also adding in new elements.

Stylistically the band’s music ranges from melodic to psychedelic & hard rock with added elements of, reggae, pop, jazz and funk added in to accomplish their magical musical brew. The band’s music is driven by its heavy guitar lead parts that are often laden with effects along with rock solid bass lines and drum parts that’s all topped off with soaring vocals.

‘Wake’ kicks off with the track, “Concentrate”, that has an almost progressive rock vibe found on it, including an over 1-minute instrumental starting part before the vocals join the party.

It’s on tracks 3 & 4 though for me when things really started to get cranking. Track-3, “Wondering” is a nice guitar driven power pop song that gets things warmed up nicely for track-4, “Broken Toy,” a hard driving rock song that gets the blood pumping and also features some of the band’s unique style twist that keeps everything fresh sounding.

The track, “You Taught Me,” brings an interesting funky element to its rock sound. The final track, “Let It Go”, is another ripping rock track that keeps things moving right up to its last note.

If you’re in the mood for something more melodic with a dark vibe then give the track, “White Dress,” that deals with lost hope, a listen.

Floater is a rock band with enough success to live in a safe musical rut, but instead their always looking for ways to expand and improve and ‘Wake’ is a good example of how that drive pays off with its collection of great songs.


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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