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Tired of cliché worship lyrics and homogeneous harmonic structures? Deep theological lyrics and beautifully intense music will turn your worship experiences into life-changed encounters as singer/songwriter Joey Stontz paints landscapes of praise upon ethereal sonic canvasses in his new album, New Day Dawning.

The album’s worshipful message is underscored with melodic guitar lines, powerful arena rock, soaring ballads, dance and techno grooves, synth-emo flare and a pulsating Coldplay-like rhythm arrangement.

Joey’s songs are filled with anthems celebrating Christ as the Supreme Ruler of the cosmos and heart-filled ballads crying out for God’s Kingdom to be revealed.

In his first studio album, Joey returns again and again to the reality that Jesus is King in these songs, whether the musical setting leans towards techno-pop/rock (Now Is The Time) or rich ambient soundscapes (What Is On Your Heart?).

His brilliant sense of rising dynamics makes The Lord’s Prayer a standout tune that bursts forth with cosmic, interstellar overdrives. The breathtaking, ethereal catharsis of The Great Romance beckons listeners to return to their First Love. With complete vulnerability, Love Or Prostitution honestly describes Joey’s inner struggle for purity yet leaves listeners with great hope of freedom because of encountering the Source of freedom.

Only one year after learning how to play guitar, Joey began leading worship when he was 14 years old. He carries a tremendous love for God’s presence, an infectious abandonment to Jesus, and a deep desire to raise up the next generation.

Growing up as a missionary kid, Joey has been surrounded by people of various cultures, has encountered terrible poverty, abandoned orphans, and has cross-culturally dialoged with people of different religions.

Joey’s heart for the poor and oppressed carry over into his music, which is amazingly and incredibly sonically diverse–ranging anywhere from joyful dance pop to heart touching ballads and from guitar centered arena rock to techno synth flare. Even so, Joey’s music still contains a depth, honesty and richness that is hard to come by. The diversity of the album only enhances the pleasure of the listener.

His influences range from Sigur Ros, Coldplay, Delirious, Hillsong United, Owl City and Chris Tomlin.

He has been the youth pastor and worship leader at Way of the Church in Blaine, MN since February 2005. For the past four years, Joey’s church has been experiencing a great renewal and revival. Many people have been saved, delivered and healed as a result of the Holy Spirit moving in power.

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