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On May 22nd 2008 I was sitting in my living room praying. All of a sudden I could see a map of the United States. All fifty states including Hawaii, and Alaska. What is this about I asked? Then I could see men preaching the Gospel of Jesus from state to state. As I continued praying, God spoke to me and said this is what I want you to do.

I want you to take the gift that I gave you to each state proclaiming my word, and taking back the land. And I want you to do it in forty days. I was in awe, and felt an excitement that I have never felt before. Immediately I was reminded of Joshua 1. Verse 3. Every place upon which the sole of your foot shall tread, that have I given to you, as I promised Moses. God is doing an amazing thing here, He is taking back the US.

On July 12th 2011 our Christian band will embark on a journey like nothing ever seen in the music business. The Unveiling The Enmity Of Truth tour…. Collaborating with Rock For Life, and Bound For Life, we will be playing and ministering in all fifty US states in forty days. Starting in Chattanooga TN, and finishing in Newberry SC. How will this glorify God? In John 17 Jesus said Father the time has come for you to glorify the Son, so that I may glorify you. During this tour two Guinness world records will be broken, many souls won, many lives changed, and many babies will be given a chance to live. This will for sure bring attention to our ministry and we will point them to the father.

We need sponsors for one or more of the fallowing. (1) A bus to travel with. This vehicle will have the sponsor logo on the sides, and the back. The difference would be that our sponsor logo would take the larger portion of the design on the bus. (2) All of the guys in FIREBRED currently work full time jobs and will be taking six weeks off from work in order to do this tour. As it stands these will be free events to the public, so we are looking for financial sponsors to help support our families while we are on the road. (3) Plane tickets on the dates we will be traveling to non continental states such as Hawaii andAlaska. (4) Fuel for the vehicle.

What could a sponsor receive in return for supporting this ministry event? By participating as a sponsor, your organization will benefit from extended exposure through media campaigns and promotional efforts directed toward the supporters of Unveiling The Enmity Of Truth Tour. A reputation for standing on moral Godly principles. And not to mention being a part of changing the lives of thousands.

Thank you so much for your time, and please pray about supporting this move of GOD. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Consumed by the call,



The Ultimate Basement Mill Spring, NC Sat May 28 11 12:00 AM
Inspirations Ministry Lavonia, GA Sat May 28 11 12:00 PM
Inspirations Ministry Lavonia, GA Sat Sep 10 11 09:00 AM

Source- FIREBRED Band Newsletter


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