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Justin McRoberts Three New Upcoming EPs

Ten years ago, I released the “Untitled EP.” Tracked over two days and largely un-edited, the recording was intended to highlight the human side of religion, where life is unrefined and faith does not come easy.

To this day, that project remains a favorite among listeners and I’ve often been asked if there would be another installment. So, last year, upon the release of “Through Songs I Was First Undone” I announced that I would finally be recording and releasing a followup to the Untitled EP.

Well, I have bad news and good news… I will not be releasing an EP to followup the original Untitled EP…

…I will be releasing three EP’s this year. Releases are slated for July, September and November.

The new project is entitled CMY(K) and will be recorded in the same spirit as the original Untitled EP.

This means a few things particularly…

-limited instrumentation.
-largely unedited, raw studio takes.
-thematic focus on the human experience and expression of faith.

Tracking for the EP’s began last month and I’m very happy with what we have so far. I think you will be, too. I will be posting more updates as the project comes along.

Source- Justin McRoberts Newsletter


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