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Dara Maclean- ‘You Got My Attention’ Review

Dara Maclean
‘You Got My Attention’
Christian Pop
By C.W. Ross

Christian artist Dara Maclean grew up outside of Fort Worth, Texas. By the age of 8 she was already singing and later going on to lead worship and actively pursue youth ministry in her church.

Those years of singing experience shine through brightly on her debut release, ‘You Got My Attention,’ found on Fervent Records. This album is about as good as it gets musically. As I listened to each of the 12-songs found on it I kept listening for that 1 or 2 filler type of song that are found on most debut releases, but all of the songs that make up, ‘You Got My Attention’ are winners.

Maclean wrote or co-wrote all 12 of the tracks found on ‘You Got My Attention’. The release was also helped along by the Dove Award-winning talents of Ian Eskelin (Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets).

The songs found on this album fall into three distinct musical categories, up tempo pop rockers, Urban soul, and melodic acoustic guitar lead tracks.

Maclean’s songs are filled with her joy and happiness of God’s love and letting you know that same love is available to you when you let God be in total control of your life.

‘You Got My Attention’ kicks off with the album’s first single, “Suitcases,” that’s already become a ‘Top 20 Hit’ on Christian charts. The songs starts off with a mellow piano part before it turns into an up tempo pop number. Lyrically the song talks about being willing to turn over our burdens and needs to God and His never ending grace that’s available to us.

‘Next up is the releases title track, “You Got My Attention,” a pop/rock track filled with soulful vocals, that also features some nice horn work. The song deals with reaching that point in your faith life when you realize that God is really all you truly need.

Track-3, Unreachable” deals with God’s grace and that no matter how far you may have backslidden in your faith that God never leaves you and is always right there by your side waiting for your return.

The song, “What Love Looks Like,” is a nice mellow acoustic guitar driven track that also deals with God’s grace.

On the track, “Free” the Urban side of the album comes to life with undertone club edged beats that are mixed with the pop tones found on it. Lyrically the song deals with the freedom that comes from having God’s love in your life.

Track-6, “Yours Forever,” is another of the album’s several acoustic guitar driven love tracks.

“Nothin’ You Won’t Do”, cranks things back up with its pop/rock style. The song deals with the fact that even with all of the different people living in this world and all of their troubles that God is still always right there by our side.

Track-8, “The One,” is another up tempo pop track that deals with opening your eyes up to the fact that Jesus is, ‘the one’ that you really need in your life.

“Had To Be You,” slows things back down with its acoustic guitar vibe dealing with love that’s worth the wait.

Track-10, “So Good to Me,” offers up a nice mixture of both male and female vocals found on it.

“Gratitude,” is another of the tracks that offer up an urban vibe. The song features nice piano work and a steady interesting percussion part. The song deals with telling and showing God how grateful we are for all that He does and has done for us.

The melodic worshipful track, “Home,” wraps things up. It offers up a rich sound with its strings and piano parts that frame Maclean’s beautiful vocals.

Dara Maclean’s, ‘You Got My Attention’ will be available everywhere on July 12th. You can also watch the live video for the track, “Suitcases,” here:


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