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Review for Shonlock’s Debut LP- ‘NEVERODDOREVEN’

Christian Pop/ Rock/ R&B/ Hip-Hop
By C.W. Ross

Shonlock is a very talented young man including being a, MC, singer songwriter, producer, choreographer and dancer that are all found in his musical tool box.

‘NEVERODDOREVEN’ is Shonlock’s debut full length release. Although he did release an EP entitled, ‘Where Never Begins’ in 2010. He also has toured as the opening act for major Christian artist like, TobyMac, Skillet and Group 1 Crew.

Shonlock isn’t content using just one musical style; his music is more like a musical rainbow with many different styles used. When asked about it he said, “My goal is to be a blend for the pop, hip-hop and rock loving crowd without ever wanting to get boxed into a certain category,” he explains. “I’m not eyeing a particular marketplace, group or clique. I’m just going to do whatever I can to make sure the people that need to hear this message get a chance. If the message is truth and the music is good quality music, people will be drawn to it no matter what genre.”

The first part of ‘NEVERODDOREVEN,’ goes more for a club, pop, rock, R&B, vibe while the second part includes a lot more hip-hop and rapping vocals found in the songs.

For those of you attentive that noticed the titles uniqueness, yes it’s a palindrome (a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction) and it was intentional. Shonlock says that, “The message is all about my relationship with God, and when you’re walking with Him, I never find it odd when amazing things happen. But on the flipside with the ultimate sacrifice of His son, I could never get even, which makes me forever indebted to Him.”

Tracks that stood out the most to me include track-1, “Something in Your Eyes,” the album’s lead single that has an up tempo dance beat dealing with the hope that comes from having God in your life, in the good, bad and indifferent times that make up each of our lives.

Track-4, “Simple Man,” also had an interesting arrangement that kept my attention along with track-5, “Bet Ya House,” that offers up a nice up tempo sound featuring male and female vocals on its soulful club/dance style.

Track-10, “Monsta,” is a really well done rocking track that’s filled with wailing electric guitar.

The last track I want to mention is, “Get Free,” a hard hitting hip-hop track that’s filled with raw, real life lyrics.

If when you go to get ice cream you’re one of those people that needs to have more than one flavor of ice cream in your cone then you’ll really like Shonlock’s musical rainbow that’s found on his latest release, ‘NEVERODDOREVEN.’


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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