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First Pop Single from Sophia Mock- “Crazy For You”

At the age of sixteen, Sophia has already made great strides musically, retaining experience and professionalism beyond her years. From her early days with “HappyNs”, the J-Pop group produced by Iwao Mizutani, to her current path in Pop and R&B guided by such influences as Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift.

Having waded ankle deep into the world of Pop and R&B with such tracks as “So Broken ft. KRG”, and joining forces with artist SK to cover Rihanna’s and Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie (part II), Sophia is poised to plunge headlong into the depths with her first fully produced Pop single “Crazy For You” under Prodigy Records.

Heralding from Tokyo, Japan and settling in Victoria, Canada… Sophia brings a fresh face and sound to the Pop and R&B scene. Armed with all the right traits to flirt with stardom, Sophia has reached a milestone in her career where very little stands in her way.

Source- Beatwire


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