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Music Review for Red Fist Revolution’s- ‘The Fall of Goliath’ Release

Red Fist Revolution
‘The Fall of Goliath’
Christian Progressive Rock
By C.W. Ross

Red Fist Revolution is about to release their debut album, ‘The Fall of Goliath,’ on YoungSide Records. The epic release which was over 15 months in the making has been described as a, ‘A Revolutionary Rock-Opera.’

The concept album has also resulted in a six episode video series that is being released online leading up to the album’s official August 2nd release date. You can view the videos on the band’s website.

Musically the 14-songs that make up,’The Fall of Goliath,’ fall into a wide range of styles from progressive, punk, and funk rock to techno, metal and even an acoustic ballad.

The storyline of the album is a little bit complicated so I’ll just let you read how Red Fist Revolution describes it:

‘Red Fist Revolution’s ‘The Fall of Goliath’ is a story that begins with Trooper Chrysalis; A heroic freedom fighter battling against the tyranny of a worldwide mega-government known as the Goliath OverClass. After years as a protest insurgent our hero finds himself suffering through the stages of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Due to a campaign of internal sabotage, on Goliath’s part, Chrysalis is betrayed by his own people and eventually becomes a cog in the technocratic machine that is Goliath. At his lowest point, Chrysalis connects with a new group, the Red Fist Revolution. They encourage him to become a new creation and wage war in a new way; by serving the poor and the needy, clothing the naked, guiding the lost, and taking the Revolution to the streets. This new movement transforms both Chrysalis, and the body politic at large, and together they work to bring Goliath down.’

‘The Fall of Goliath’ starts off strong with the anthemic up tempo track, “Down in the Valley.” The song starts with a marching sound that grows louder and is filled with heavy guitar parts and chants of, ‘fight,fight,fight.’ The song also features an interesting twist ending with a soft piano part.

Other highlight tracks include, “30 Pieces,” that includes some electronic elements, “Working Class Automaton,” that includes some female vocals on it. The song deals with no matter how people and governments want to makes us all fit into one mold that we are each unique; made special in God’s image.

“Class War,” is a track that offers up some hard edged rock beat. And the track, “Resuscitate,” ramps things up with its fast paced punk beats.

Things end up like they started with the 2-strong tracks, the up tempo, “Marching to Valhalla,” & the melodic, “New Jerusalem,” that deals with the battle being won and the building of our new, real (eternal) home.

If you’re looking to hear an epic story of fighting the good fight using a wide array of well done music styles then Red Fist Revolution’s ‘The Fall of Goliath’ is it.


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