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South Shores Rocks The Worlds Largest Music Festival

Release Summary: Dallas Indie Band Triumphs At Summerfest Emerging Artist Series

July 2011 Austin, TX. When the Dallas, TX based band “South Shores” found out they had been selected to perform on the U.S. Cellular® Connection Stage with Leinenkugel’s and FM 102/1 during Summerfest ’11, it was like a dream come true for the bands founder and front man Sean Layton. The stage and its sponsors features the best breaking and up and coming bands in the country.

Over 10,000 U.S. Cellular® Emerging Artists Series CD’s, were distributed at Summerfest and through various promotions and music industry events. South Shores was only one of eleven artists chosen to be included on this CD.

And as the day went on the fans were able to use their cell phones to vote for their favorite band performing that day in the series, while U.S. Cellular® once again offer Pix-2-ScreenTM and Text-2-ScreenTM, allowing the fans to send pictures and text messages to a large screen next to the stage. At the end of the day the band with the most texts associated with their name won an “Emerging Artists Series Care Package” consisting of products from major equipment manufacturers that included Taylor Guitars, Sennheiser Microphones, ddrum Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Hal Leonard Publishing and more. This year’s prize package included gear and merchandise with a total value of over $2000.

And the winner on this day was, drum roll please…South Shores!

Quite possibly the best new band to come out of Texas this year.

Source- Marty Marmor for South Shores RX Via Contact Form


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