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Music Review for Ashes Remain’s ‘What I’ve Become’

Ashes Remain
‘What I’ve Become’
Christian Rock/ Pop
By C.W. Ross

The Baltimore based band Ashes Remain has been together for close to a decade now, spending a lot of that time in a converted school bus touring across the country honing their band’s sound. The band is now ready to release their major label (Fair Trade Services ) debut entitled, ‘What I’ve Become’ on August 23rd.

The 12-song release showcases the band’s style that mixes pop with a hard edged rock sound thanks to the help of album producer Rob Hawkins (Disciple, Fireflight). Most of the songs offer up heavy hard driving guitar parts, including several nice solos. Several of the songs found on, ‘What I’ve Become’ reminded me of bands like Skillet and Kutless.

Everything isn’t all heavy though, you’ll also find several more mid-tempo tracks on the album, like the piano lead ballad, “Without You.”

The first single from the release track-3, “Everything Good,” has been met with positive comments. The rock edged power ballad offers up a nice short guitar solo and well placed backing vocals. Lyrically the song deals with the need to always keep our eyes on the big picture that God has for our lives and being willing to continue to praise Him even in the bad times when it seems like nothing that’s happening makes any real sense.

That thought of even though we’re broken and flawed we must never lose hope and that all things are possible as long as you have God in your life is the central theme that carries throughout the entire album.

I enjoyed the band’s music most when they really let it rip and rocked it out; like on the tracks, “End of Me,” and “Inside of Me” that are filled with hard drum beats and lively rocking guitar parts.

With their new release, ‘What I’ve Become,’ the band Ashes Remain is proving that they’re ready to take their music to the next level of success.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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