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Music Review for Heather O’Neill’s – ‘A Feminist Manifesto’

Heather O’Neill
‘A Feminist Manifesto’
Singer Songwriter
By C.W. Ross

Heather O’Neil arrived on the Indie music scene in 2005 with the release of, ‘Back There,’ followed by her 2006 release,’Nine Lives.’ Now she’s back with a 6-song EP entitled, ‘A Feminist Manifesto.’

Like that title implies O’Neill has always put forth strong opinionated messages with her songs, although her press material says that, “…the (new) EP reflects where I am in a peaceful kind of way. The music sounds happier to me than my previous works. I feel my lyrics still have a tendency to call out the silliness of the world around me. But I have found an acceptance for the way it goes.”

O’Neill hasn’t mellowed too much though or gotten away from her quick witted lyrics because on track-1, “Ballerina in a Bullfight,” she uses the metaphor of a bullfighter to take a jab at insecure men who are intimidated by a strong woman. The song is driven by the well done lively horn (Flugelhorn & Trumpet) work of Terry Connell.

Things slow down to a ballad pace for track-2, “Tiffany Town.” Things pick back up though on track-3, “1,000 Springs,” a don’t give up hope song that is filled with nice violin work from Chicago musician, Jerry Goodman. Also found playing on the EP is Chicago based guitarist, Dave Uhrich.

The jazz vibe track-5, “Black Paint,” and rhythmic track-6,”What a Way,” brings the curtain down on this EP.

‘A Feminist Manifesto’ was an interesting listen that mixed elements of several different musical styles that kept the songs fresh, along with lyrics that aren’t afraid to put forth a strong viewpoint.

(Review also published on Indie Music Stop)


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