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Music Review for Memphis Crawl’s ‘Falling Down Against the Sun’ EP

Memphis Crawl
‘Falling Down Against the Sun’ EP
Rock/ Blues
By C.W. Ross

Memphis Crawl was formed back in the summer of 2004 but are just now releasing their debut effort, the 4-track EP, ‘Falling Down Against the Sun.’ What that tells me is that this band must put on a killer live show.

As I listened to their music I could imagine the band playing in a slightly run down working man’s bar whipping the crowd into a mild frenzy with their blend of rock/blues music.

Band lead vocalist and songwriter Matty O’Brien has the perfect raspy sounding vocals, like that of someone who’s spent more then a few years pounding down shots of Jack Daniels followed by a cigarette chaser. O’Brien isn’t alone though, he’s supported by the talents of lead guitarist Bryan Stevens, bassist Mad Freik, rhythm guitarist Nick Vincenti and drummer Mike Vincenti.

Memphis Crawl doesn’t waste any time getting the party started with the up tempo, big guitars and drum filled southern rock track-1, “Wildflower Annie.”

Track’s 2 (“Howlin’ in Blue”) & 3, (“Skeletons in Time”), have a slightly retro rock and blues sound found on them.

The EP’s closing track, “Wintertime,” also worked well with its big lead and nice backing vocals along with its lively guitars and steady drum work.

If you can’t see Memphis Crawl live the next best thing is to get their, ‘Falling Down Against the Sun’ EP and enjoy their masterful rock/blues style of music.

(Review also published on Indie Music Stop)


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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