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Music Review for Aaron Shust’s, ‘This Is What We Believe’

Aaron Shust
‘This Is What We Believe’
Christian Pop / Contemporary / Worship
By C. W. Ross

The title of Aaron Shust’s new album, ‘This Is What We Believe,’ says it all. During the time of recording this release Shust and his wife were dealing with their young two-year-old son Nicky in the hospital with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, that caused him to be fed through tubes to be able to keep food down. Shust also had to deal with his grandmother dying at the same time so Shust had to really rely on his faith to pull him through this tough time in his life.

To update Nicky’s story after being told that treatment would be a life long process including using steroids to control the pain their doctor contacted them with the news that their sons latest test results had come back normal with no sign of any continued problems which the Shusts quickly claimed as a miracle from God.

All of that would have been a lot but add on top of it all that Shust had moved back to his hometown of Aliquippa, PA. while his producer Ed Cash (Chris Tomlin, Leeland, Chris August) was in Nashville. Shust recounts setting in his car in the driveway late at night singing rough cut vocals to Cash over his cellphone.

The songs found on ‘This Is What We Believe,’ are a mix of piano led contemporary and pop music that are filled with very heartfelt worshipful lyrics dealing with laying it all at God’s feet, totally believing that He will meet all of your needs.

Highlight songs include the up tempo title cut, “This Is What We Believe,” a faith statement song dealing with the fact that Jesus is the only true foundation to build your life upon.

“My Hope Is In You” wasn’t written by Shust, it was written by April Geesbreght, but he said that the song really spoke to him and his wife so he decided to include it on the album.

Other highlight tracks include the worship track, “Your Majesty,” that Shust said took him several months to write and the contemporary sounding track, “Wondrous Love,” that offers up a nice male/female vocals mix on it.

If your looking for some really well done piano lead contemporary meets pop music with vocals that are filled with straight from the heart vocals then you need to get Aaron Shust release, ‘This Is What We Believe.’


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