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Music Review for Christian Band Downhere’s -‘On the Altar of Love’

‘On the Altar of Love’
Christian Pop/ Rock
By C.W. Ross

This latest release from the band Downhere is all about rediscovery and getting back to the foundation of your faith.

The first hit single from the album, “Let Me Rediscover You,” probably conveys that message best. The mid-tempo track is filled with lush strings and passionate and worshipful vocals.

When asked about the song Downhere drummer Jeremy Thiessen said that, “Sometimes we think we’ve given all we can, and then love asks us for more. The only proper response to the love we’ve been given in Christ is to abandon ourselves completely to his love, whatever that might mean. “Let Me Rediscover You” is really a heart cry, a prayer that our hearts and minds and souls would be turned back afresh to the knowledge and experience of who God is. That has to be our beginning, and our ending point.”

The track, “Living the Dream,” offers up a nice arrangement that’s filled with short, crisp steady notes from its keys and horn parts. The track, “Seek,” also offers up a nice fast steady arrangement that’s found on it.

“For the Heartbreak,” is a pop/rock track that deals with the fact that sometimes we need to go through the tough times to be able to truly appreciate the good times or as the song puts it to let, ‘the beauty shine.’

I also enjoyed the album’s title track, “On the Altar of Love.” The song really had a different, but nice sounding feel from the rest of the tracks with its folk/roots rock style.

The album also ends on a strong note with the melodic, ballad sounding track, “Reveal the Kingdom.”

‘On the Altar of Love’ was produced by Marc Hiemermann ( DC Talk, Newsboys, Jaci Velasquez).

With the music that’s found on their latest release, ‘On the Altar of Love,’ Christian pop/rockers Downhere shows why they’ve already achieved so many musical accolades in a short amount of time.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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