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Review for UK Musician Charlie Betts’- ‘A New World’ Release

Charlie Betts
‘A New World’
Folk Rock / Americana/ Roots
By C.W. Ross

United Kingdom musician Charlie Betts’ latest release is the nine track album, ‘A New World.’

Betts’ music is based on folk rock reminiscent of Bob Dylan, thats also mixed with splashes of Americana, jazz, country and roots music.

The roots sounding track, “Hills Of My Home,”gets things started with it’s reflective lyrics about a past homeland.

Betts also believes strongly enough in his music to include three instrumental tracks, a whopping 33% of the music found on the release. Those three tracks are, the 6-minutes title track, “A New World” that features a edgier sound then the other songs found on the release with a bit of an alt. rock side to it. The second instrumental track is, “On the River,” that starts out appropriately with the sound of running water. The last of the three instrumental tracks is the whopping 11:45 minute long closing instrumental jam track, “Dark Eyes.”

Things that really stood out to me on this release include Betts’acoustic guitar playing that adds a new stroke to the song’s musical painting with each new acoustic guitar string pluck. Along with keyboard, pedal steel, fiddle and other instrumentation’s dual musical role of complementing the vocals while not over powering or distracting from them on most of the tracks while also taking a staring role in the album’s several instrumental tracks.

If you’re in the mood for some folk based music that’s built on the past with a keen eye on the future then you need to hear Charlie Betts’ latest release, ‘A New World.’


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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