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Music Review For Christian Hard Rockers Ilia’s ‘We Were Shipwrecks’ Release

‘We Were Shipwrecks’ EP
Christian/ Rock / Hard Rock
By C.W. Ross

The band Ilia (Hebrew- “God is LORD.”) consist of Brittney Mosher (vocals and guitar), Jessica Frizzell (drums), and Melissa Newman (guitar).

I would compare the band’s rocking sound to a mix of Christian bands Fireflight and BarlowGirl.

‘We Were Shipwrecks’ offers up a total of seven tracks including the two closing ‘acoustic live versions’ of the songs, “Reaching” & “We Were Shipwrecks.”

The band takes no time getting the music rocking with the opening track, “Ezekiel.” The song is filled with rocking guitar and drum parts that work well in framing out the lead vocals.

The next three tracks, “We Were Shipwrecks,” “Reaching,” and “Fall On Us,” keep the musical rock party moving along smoothly.

I enjoyed the guitar/drum interplay found on the last original track, “We Will Rise.” I also enjoyed the backing vocals that are found on several of the band’s songs adding another layer to them.

Lyrically the band’s songs deal with issues like not falling into the world’s trap of lies telling us who we should be and using it as a way to keep us down.

Having been writing about Christian music for over 20 years now I still occasionally hear people saying to me that Christians can’t rock it out. Next time I hear that I’m going to tell them to checkout Ilia’s ‘We Were Shipwrecks,’ and I’m sure they’ll change their minds.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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