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Music Review for Benjamin Dunn and Friends ‘Circus of Love’ Inventive Worship Release

Benjamin Dunn and Friends
‘Circus of Love’
Christian /Praise & Worship/ Pop
By C.W. Ross

If you’re looking for something fresh and unique in worship music then you need to hear the album, ‘Circus of Love’ from Benjamin Dunn and Friends.

The ten songs found on ‘Circus of Love’ are a mix of worship music that is filled with an electronic edge thanks to the liberal synth use found on it thats mixed with an unusual collection of instruments not often found in worship music like, banjo, accordion and glockenspiel. You’ll also find a distinct pop music vibe on several of the songs.

Dunn’s music is aimed to both the Christian and secular world. Dunn isn’t just singing about God’s love he puts it to action traveling the globe with his music and helping others he finds along the way. One of his projects is JoyRevolution an organization founded by Benjamin & Stephanie Dunn that’s been helping, loving and sharing their lives with the poor since 2003.

The songs on ‘Circus of Love’ alternate between reverent and child like wonder as Dunn lets his love for God flow out with the vocals.

I also liked the wonderful backing, choir like, choruses found on most of the songs.

Highlight tracks include the fast paced track, “Heart Strings,” the title track, “Circus of Love,” the playful, “Leap Like a Deer,” and “Hymn of Salvation” that offers up an interesting percussion part.

Review takeaway: Benjamin Dunn and Friends’ ‘Circus of Love’ release takes worship music to a whole new level with music that draws you in while the lyrics tend to your soul.


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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