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Music Review for Christian Artist Jason Gray’s ‘A Way to See in the Dark’ Release

Jason Gray
‘A Way to See in the Dark’
Christian/ Pop/ Singer Songwriter
By C.W. Ross

Starting out his music career with several indpendent releases, ‘A Way to See in the Dark’ will be Gray’s 4th release found on Centricity Music.

On each of those releases Gray has been tweaking and expanding his sound trying to expand his audience while staying true to his core singer songwriter style.

The 12-tracks that make up ‘A Way to See in the Dark’ contain elements of singer-songwriter, pop, rock and modern worship.

Things get started with, “Remind Me Who I Am,” an up tempo track featuring key/synth sounds that are layered over a thick drum beat. The song deals with the only real way to find your true self is through Christ.

The remaining tracks are a mix of more radio friendly tracks, anthems, ballads and worshipful songs.

Highlight tracks include, “No Thief Like Fear,” that deals with overcoming fear and not letting it rule your life. The up tempo, “Good to Be Alive,” is about accepting who you are and living like you were meant to. If you’re looking for a good ballad then give, “Without Running Away,” a listen. The last song I want to mention is the closing track, “Jesus We Are Grateful,” which is the most straight up worship track found on the album and filled with passionate vocals dealing with the deep security that comes when your find your true identity in God.

Gray once again brought producers Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp ( Brandon Heath, Tenth Avenue North, Sanctus Real ) on as producers to help him with the project.

Review takeaway: On his latest release, ‘A Way to See in the Dark,’ Jason Gray continues to tweak his style, walking that thin line of keeping longtime fans happy while bringing new listeners into the fold while still packing Christ centered wisdom into his song lyrics.


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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