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Music Review for Indie Rockers 7 Months Later- ‘Time to Decide’ Release

7 Months Later
‘Time to Decide’
Indie Rock
By C.W. Ross

7 Months Later is a Indie rock band hailing from Central Florida that got their start after meeting in school. The band’s first gig was playing at a party doing covers of Jonas Brothers songs. The band though had lots of original material that they also worked into the show and they quickly became a hit on the private party circuit booking other gigs.

The band released their debut EP, ‘By the Light,’ in 2009 and are now back with their full length debut, ‘Time to Decide.’

The band’s sound is influenced by groups like, Foo Fighters, Relient K, Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182.

While all of the band’s members are under 20 years old you wouldn’t know it from listening to their music which has a seasoned sound.

The band’s songs are lead by big guitar and drum parts along with keyboard parts that add another fresh layer to the band’s sound. The lead vocals are also very strong and take control of the songs

Highlight tracks include the up tempo, “Disengage,” and “Faster,Faster,” along with melodic acoustic tracks like, “All Out,” and “La Douleur.”

‘Time to Decide,’ also ends on a strong note with the track, “Friction.” The just under 6 minutes long song starts out melodic before building to and ending as a lively instrumental piece.

Review takeaway: 7 Months Later’s members might be young but they’ve already managed to shape their sound into a well done Indie rock style of music.

Footnote: The band will be releasing a new Deluxe version of, ‘Time To Decide’ soon that will include bonus tracks recorded at SGS Productions. The new version will have all eight original songs plus acoustic versions of the songs “Faster, Faster” and “Just Pretend,” along with a new, unreleased track, “Disappear.”


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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