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Music Review for Dinner and a Suit- ‘Since Our Departure’ Release

Dinner and a Suit- ‘Since Our Departure’
By C.W. Ross

This band from Nashville via New Jersey unusual name comes from their family legacy of taking care of people in need.

In that spirit of giving the band has committed to donating 10% of the album’s profits to different social action non-profits.

Is Dinner and a Suit a Christian band? From listening to their music and reading their press material the answer is both yes and no. At least some of the band members are Christians, if not all, and their song lyrics deal with issues like, forgiveness, love, loss, and finding your true self, that depending on which side of the religious track your on have a spiritual vibe. But I couldn’t find Christianity mentioned anywhere in their press info. or on their websites except for a shout out to God in the releases booklet.

I’m guessing that Dinner and a Suit is best described as, ‘Christians in a band’ more then a, ‘Christian band.’

My thought are that the band probably doesn’t want to have their music limited by labeling it as,’Christian.’

Although we’ve come along way from anything labeled as Christian music being considered not up to mainstream music standards and not worthy of radio play still today there’s a bit of a lesser quality stigma connected with Christian music in some close minded individuals.

Moving on to the music itself, the band Dinner and a Suit offers up catchy pop/rock sounding tunes on, ‘Since Our Departure,’ that alternate between lively guitar and softer piano lead songs.

Highlight tracks include the up tempo pop/rock opener, “Love Is Risky,” dealing with the need to be willing to take risk in your life to be able to achieve big goals. Along with the piano lead track, “Where We Started,” and the rocking big guitar and drum song, “Sense and Senses.”

Review takeaway: On their new release, ‘Since Our Departure,’ the band Dinner and a Suit takes the very popular pop/rock music formula and performs it with a high level of success.

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About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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