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Music Review for Canadian Power Pop/ Rock Band The Perms – ‘Sofia Nights’ Release

The Perms – ‘Sofia Nights’ Review


By C.W. Ross

After listening to Canadian band The Perms new release, ‘Sofia Nights,’ which is their 5th studio album, (‘Keeps You Up When You’re Down’ (2009), ‘Better Days’ (2005), ‘Clark Drive’ (2002), and ‘Tight Perm’ (1998).) it was hard for me to believe that I hadn’t had the pleasure of hearing their music before because this band has a solid power pop/rock sound with a catchy edge that grabs your attention.

For this latest album the band said that they wanted to, ‘push the boundaries’ of their songwriting and add in some, ‘harder-edged, hook-filled’ songs.

The band isn’t afraid to let their instruments share the spotlight with the lead vocals either. A lot of the songs found on ‘Sofia Nights’ open up with short guitar and drum intros, you’ll also find some keyboard parts added in on a few of the songs.

Things get started with track-1, “High School High,” an up-tempo pop sounding song dealing with the overflowing carefree exuberance associated with youth.

On track-2, “Make It Through,” the band adds in some of that heavier sound they talked about. The song is filled with heavy edged guitar work, including a short solo, along with thick drum beats.

Other highlight tracks include the rocking, “Slipping Away,” the pop flavored, “Live for Today,” a song that talks about having to make the best of the here and now in your life. I also enjoyed the interesting sounding, “Mannheim,” that offers up a mix of melodic softness with hard-edged Staccato notes.

All but one of the songs feature male lead vocals. On track-9, “In No Time,” though you’ll find a mix of both male and female vocals. Several of the songs also offer up nice background chorus type vocals.

Review takeaway: With their latest release,’Sofia Nights,’ The Perms show that they know how to mix edgy pop and rock music together to achieve a catchy hook-laden sound that works well.


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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