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Music Review for Christian Artist Matt Papa’s – ‘This Changes Everything’ Release

Matt Papa- ‘This Changes Everything’


‘This Changes Everything’ is the third full-length release from artist Matt Papa. On it Papa wanted to get out the point that the death and resurrection of Jesus changes everything.

On ‘This Changes Everything’ Papa wanted to write songs that will stick in your head. He says that, “I often don’t remember a sermon I heard yesterday, let alone a year ago, but with songs, there’s a hook, and people remember it. So that’s why I want to write with Scripture. I don’t want to waste time.”

Papa’s music is a blend of modern worship, pop, and rock with scriptural lyrics that add a meaty flavor to them.

Highlight tracks include, “One Thing,” a medium tempo track about Jesus being the only one real thing worth living your life for. “It is Finished,” is a piano lead melodic,yet powerful sounding track, that’s also the lead single from the release. “Jesus Is Lord,” is a lively rock edged track that’s filled with crisp beats. It’s followed by the release’s title track, This Changes Everything, that drives home the albums point of the life changing event of Jesus’ resurrection. “Stay Away From Jesus,” has a roots rock style complete with banjo and hand clap parts.

My favorite track, “The Lord Is A Warrior,” felt alittle bit out of place from the others with its distorted fuzzy guitar driven and rock drum sound that ends with some rap vocals. The grittiness of the song works though when you listen to its lyrics dealing with the crucifixion of Jesus.

Review takeaway: With his latest release ‘This Changes Everything’ Matt Papa set out to make an album that offered up songs with powerful scripture based lyrics that people would remember long after the music stopped playing. Mission accomplished!


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