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Music Review for Christian Metal Band Fivestar Prophet’s – ‘Enemy’

Fivestar Prophet- ‘Enemy’ Review

Hailing from Finland the band Fivestar Prophet started out their music life with the name L-60 back in 2001. It wasn’t until 2009 that the band added an additional guitarist to their lineup and changed their name to Fivestar Prophet.

The guys decided that the name change was necessary to get a fresh start for the band because they wanted their song’s messages to be more Christ centered, saying that they want to be servants of God, not to be served or idolized by others.

The band plays a hard rocking music style that’s filled with big guitar riffs and punishing drum beats that are topped off with raw, passionate vocals from band frontman Olli Helenius. The band isn’t one note though they also mix in some ambient moments and even a little bit of keyboard inspired techno into their songs.

Highlight tracks include the opener, “Save Us (From Ourselves)” that sets the mood for what lies ahead with its hard rock/ metal style that also offers up a few melodic, catch your breath, type moments. “As Long As I Live,” is a power ballad dealing with surrendering your life to God. “Enemy,” is another hard driving track dealing with not getting fooled by the devil’s lies.”Praying for Revival,” offers up fast pace rock beats complete with a smoking guitar solo. The song calls out in prayer for the lost generation.


Review takeaway: If you’re in the mood to rock it out for the Lord with strong message filled songs then you need to get Fivestar Prophet’s ‘Enemy.’


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