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Asian-American Pop Singer Viennie V

A fresh new artist has stepped on to the pop scene by the name of Viennie V from Aurora Records Inc. The young Asian-American hails from Southern California with a sultry new Pop Rock sound, intensified by strong vocals. Could this young Diva be the first Asian-American female to make it to the top of the pop charts? So far so good, as both of Viennie V’s singles hit the top of the YouTube Music Charts when they were released.

The debut album “Nightmare or Dream” by Viennie V is already proving to be an over night sensation, as her first two music video singles “Thinking of You” and “Nightmare or Dream” ended up finishing #5 and #8 on the YouTube music charts last week. In addition, Viennie V’s official YouTube page also received acclaim as the #1 most popular Music Channel of the Week. The combined music videos have surpassed a staggering 2.4 million views, with a huge amount of positive feedback.

The album, singles, and tracks are all currently available to purchase at all major online outlets. You can find Viennie V climbing the iTunes charts, Amazon, CDBady, and on



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