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Music Review for Hard Rocking, Guitar Shredding, Xander Demos- ‘Road to Guitarcadia’ EP

Xander Demos- ‘Road to Guitarcadia’ EP Review

By C.W. Ross

This 5-track hard rocking EP from Pittsburgh, PA guitar player Xander Demos is filled with wall-to-wall guitar shredding.

Demos’ website says that the- ”Road to Guitarcadia’ EP is Xander Demos’ first solo release and is just a small sample of what’s in store for the full-length CD simply titled Guitarcadia. The EP came first because Xander wanted to get something out there and time was just too hard to come by with the other musical projects and resources to complete the project. Guitarcadia will have upwards of thirteen or fourteen tracks and will contain all of the material from the EP completely remixed and remastered.’

‘Road to Guitarcadia’ kicks off with, “Chase the Sun,” a 4:19 instrumental track that’s filled with hard driving guitar runs laid over top of banging drum beats. Track-2, “Boys of Summer,” is a cover of the Don Henley song and features pumped up guitar, drums and keyboard parts along with strong vocals from Mike Sciullo. It’s also the only track with vocals on all of the others tracks are guitar rock instrumentals.

Track-3, “Up from the Skies” and track-4, “Right Angles,” both keep the guitar fun rolling offering up more stellar guitar playing on them.

Wrapping up the EP is a cover of the 80’s love song from Chris de Burgh’s, “Lady in Red,” that has been pumped up with driving rock beats and is guitar lead.

Besides working on his full-length follow-up to the EP Demos is also keeping himself very busy working on an instructional DVD, working with his two bands playing live every weekend and will be accepting guitar students for in-person and online lessons.


Review Takeaway: If you’re in the mood for some crank the speakers up and rock it out hard music that’s filled with lively guitars then Xander Demos’ ‘Road to Guitarcadia’ EP is just what you’re looking for.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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