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Music Review for Corporate Worship Band Dutton’s ‘Welcome Home’ Release

Dutton- ‘Welcome Home’ Review

By C.W. Ross

The band Dutton was formed in 2003 and in 2004 got the position as the fill in worship band at University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas (located on Dutton Avenue) when the resident worship leader, David Crowder Band was out on tour. Since then the band has made the move to their new home base, The Heights Baptist Church located in Richardson, Texas.

The band says that their latest release, ‘Welcome Home,’ was written with corporate worship in mind saying, “Dutton is a corporate worship band. We’re not a concert band- we’ve never had aspirations to be that,” band lead vocalist Logan Walter continues, “Our songs are written specifically for the corporate worship setting. We’re writing to connect with people in a live setting. When we’re on stage, we want the band to disappear and for the people to sing our lyrics directly to God.”

With the songs that are found on, ‘Welcome Home’ I think that the band has achieved that goal as they make you want to reach out to God in both words and spirit.

The songs are a mixture of more mid tempo tracks that give off a reverent feeling along with several up tempo pop/rock worship tracks that will all have your hands raised in praise and worship to God.

My personal preference is more towards the up tempo electric guitar filled tracks like, “Your Name is God” and “No One Higher” but I can also appreciate the several mellow, more contained songs like, “Bread of Life” and “Your Voice.”

Once again the band brought producer Will Hunt (Shane & Shane, Robbie Seay, Shawn McDonald, Bethany Dillon) onboard to produce the release for them.


Review Takeaway: If you’re in the mood to open your heart up to God in praise and worship then Dutton’s ‘Welcome Home’ will help to put you in the right frame of mind as you listen to its songs.


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