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Music Review For Finland Christian Metal Band Miriam’s ‘Karu Maa’ Release

Miriam- ‘Karu Maa’ Review

By C.W. Ross

As I put this CD into my portable player and the music roared to life I was quickly reminded of just how important the lyrics are in music.

‘Karu Maa’ starts off with a short instrumental track but as it flowed into track-2 and the vocals joined the party in the band’s native Finnish language I was lost.

The band’s 1-page sheet that came with their CD was in English and talked about the band’s faith but for all I know they could have been singing about anything. I also went and tried to learn more about the band by visiting their various websites but once again I was met with the language barrier.

Maybe I’m being a little bit pompous but if you want your music to spread around the globe it’s a necessity that you put the extra effort into including an English language component to it.

As for the band’s style of music it’s a nice hard rock meets metal sound that’s filled with active stabbing guitar parts, roaring drums and nice lead and backing vocals that have a quality sound to them.

Highlight tracks included the hard driving tracks, “Pahan Juuret” and “Karu Maa.” For those more mellow moments I liked the track, “Anteeksi.”


Review Takeaway: While I enjoyed the music found on Miriam’s ‘Karu Maa’ it was also a little bit frustrating not being able to understand the song lyrics, leaving me feeling a little bit empty in the end.


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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