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Music Review for Chicago Band Tiny Magnets’- ‘Time to Try’ Release

Tiny Magnets- ‘Time to Try’ Review

By C.W. Ross

The band Tiny Magnets hails from Chicago and blends several different styles of music to achieve their sound. You’ll hear elements of rock, Indie rock, alternative, pop, folk and even some twinges of alt. country and punk attitude thst can all be found in their sound.

‘Time to Try’ is the follow up to the band’s ‘Daughters of the Frontier’ EP. The band is calling this their debut LP but with 8-tracks and a running time around 30 minutes I would classify it more as an extended EP.

All that really matters though is their music and on that they come through with flying colors. The band’s sound is both fresh yet familiar sounding, the instrumentation is very well done, the mix of male/female lead vocals help to bring the songs to life and last but not least is the smart songwriting that went into the song lyrics.

The first single from the release, “New London” offers up an Indie rock sound. ” Boy In The Pink Shirt” offers up a 80’s pop/rock sound. “Magic Box,” is a fast paced rock track that’s filled with a punk spirit. I would classify it as a crank up the volume type of track. “Ocean Bound,” offers up tempo changes and lots of guitar effects that are found on it. The band knocks it down a few notches with the airy sounding track, “Kids Boots,” The track, “Jeannie,” picks things back up with its lively guitar parts and alt. country vibe. The next track, “White River,” really takes things in a different direction with its brooding sound. The melodic 60s/70s story telling folk song, “Kelly’s Song,” wraps up the release.


Review Takeaway: Tiny Magnets new release ‘Time to Try’ will take you on a wonderful journey filled with rich music and smartly written lyrics along with musical style twist and turns that keep it interesting for the listener.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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