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The High Cell – Releases “Refreshing” Debut Album, Faceplant

For Immediate Release

The High Cell started as an ambitious musical project undertaken by multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Michael Heisel. Thanks to a diverse set of musical abilities and a pleasantly schizophrenic array of influences, the debut album Faceplant is a collection of songs that manages to blur the boundaries of genre from one song to the next, yet maintain a common core of melodic pop sensibility and catchy songwriting throughout.

The album ranges from Southern rock bar-anthem (the opener “So Fine”) to pop lament (“Hey Faith”), and from modern indie rock (“Siren’s Call”), to haunting Americana (“A Frayed Knot”). Faceplant also ventures into whimsical jam-band territories (“What an Evening”) and blues rock (“Shame”) as well as melding wonderfully quirky mixtures of all of the above (“Underachiever”).

With all of the territory covered on the album, perhaps the most prevalent trait is that the artist manages to maintain a broad appeal and also avoid ever alienating the listener from one song to the next.

“Everyone seems to have a different favorite song on the album, which I couldn’t be happier about”, Heisel says. “It’s a great feeling to talk to ten different people and hear ten different favorite songs. “

On recording and arranging all the instruments on the debut album himself; “The good thing about recording everything myself was that the personality conflicts were kept to a minimum. I only had a handful of arguments during the recording process”, he says with a smirk. “My inner-bass player and my inner-drummer kept wanting to play solos.”

On The High Cell’s appreciation of music, Heisel said; “ all started with my father. He was a great musician, a spectacular trombone player. He started playing as a kid and joined the Navy when he turned 17. He toured the world in the Navy band, and then played in several “Big Bands” afterward. For as long as I can remember, music was just a huge part of my life. Even as I began to branch out in my early teen years to new kinds of music, he and my mother always encouraged me to pursue a career in music. He passed away just as I started recording this album, and it still pains my soul that he didn’t get to hear all of it. He told me once that his dream was for me to “do something” with my music, and that I “should let people hear it”. So… that’s what I’m trying to do with this album.” “He was my biggest fan before I really had any others, and what I hope now is just to do something that would make him proud.”

Faceplant by The High Cell is available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, iHeart Radio, and most other digital outlets.



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