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Pocket City’s New Self-Titled EP is Filled With a Fusion of Hip Hop Funk and Jazz Music For a New Generation

The history of music has always been a history of fusion. Hip hop and blues – two of the great American art forms – both came out of a mix of musical styles and cultures.

So it is with the insanely talented Alex Tintinalli, aka A.TNT, aka the driving force behind the most exciting band to hit the airwaves in years – Pocket City. A.TNT is an R&B musician almost beyond compare on the modern scene, yet Pocket City is an incendiary tour de force of hip hop, funk and jazz that will have them packing the dance floors from Toronto to Rio.

This five-piece band, straight out of Ontario, is on the cusp of releasing its debut EP – the eponymously titled ‘Pocket City’ – and it’s set to be one of the most exciting debut offerings of this or any year.

That’s because, as has been proven by Pocket City’s incredible live shows that have been winning it a fan base across the continent, this isn’t your average rap offering.

A.TNT, along with Donovan ‘Riko’ McKinley on bass, Jordan ‘Ridm’ Smith on drums, Nate Payne on sax and DJ Sporadik on turntables, have created something that is genuinely new, genuinely innovative. This EP is a brilliant fusion of the best of rap, reggae, funk, soul and jazz.

Pocket City borrows from the likes of The Roots, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, and Bob Marley. Yet the sound is entirely their own. It is the sound of youth. Every member of the band is under 25 (except DJ Sporadik), and it’s the exuberance of youth that comes through loud and clear on every track on this incredible record.

Whether you want to relax in your home, throw some shapes on the dance floor or nod along to conscious, intelligent hip hop in the front seat of your car, Pocket City is for you.

You can hear A.TNT and the boys for yourself at the launch party for the EP at the Starlight Social Club in Waterloo, Ontario on November 10th. It’s the hottest ticket in town, for the hottest act around.

The EP will be available for purchase through CD Baby and for download through iTunes and numerous other music download services beginning November 10, 2011.



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