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Music Review for Washington DC Artist Maynol’s ‘Night After Night’ Debut Release

Maynol- ‘Night After Night’ Review

By C.W. Ross

Washington DC Artist Maynol has a long history of being involved with music. It started in his early years of life listening to music with his father from legendary bands like, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In the early 80’s he picked up his first instrument the violin before quickly switching over to the drums. Since then he’s also learned to play the piano, guitar and bass.

Over the years Maynol has also been part of several different groups including the rock band’s Ring and Industry Overflow.

In 1996 he joined the Latin rock band Eclipse as their new drummer. After several years though Maynol decided that it was time to go solo with the result being his debut album, ‘Night After Night.’

‘Night After Night,’ is filled with songs dealing with past relationships along with loss, both personal and as an entire nation, like found on the releases closing track, “As One,” that Maynol dedicates to all of the people who lost their loved ones on 9/11.

Maynol composed the songs found on this album so you get song lyrics that are honest and from the heart. Maynol says that, “My job as a musician is to put out honest and soulful music. If one person would add one of my songs to the sound track of their life, then I feel I have served my purpose as a true musician.”

Highlight tracks include, “The World at HerFeet”, “Estranged Night” and “As One.”


Review Takeaway: Maynol’s many years involved with music from his youth to his adult years all comes together with the heartfelt collection of very well done songs that make up his debut release, “Night After Night.”


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