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English Band Feorm Releases Debut – ‘Time Well Spent’

It’s taken 18 months of collaboration, experimentation and, on more than one occasion, inspiration. But Feorm’s debut album, released on Fen Tiger records last month, has been well worth the wait.

The English five-piece formed in early 2010 and have been spending much of the intervening time ensconced in a Norfolk farmhouse, refining their sound, tweaking and fine tuning music that comes from both the traditions of the great English experimental mavericks and the German musical pioneers of the 70s.

The eponymous album is an instrumental tour de force from five musicians at the top of their game and then cut by legendary masterer Denis Blackham, who crafted ‘Feorm’ into a true masterpiece from his remote Isle of Skye base.

Perhaps it’s appropriate that the final product should have emerged from such a wilderness, because this is a record that is perfectly suited to big landscapes.

Feorm conjure the kind of imagery reminiscent on Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti western soundtracks. At times, it is big music for big locations, like all the best soundscapes should be. But, at times, it is also intimate, tender and sometimes dark, evoking a film noir quality.

From Can to Mogwai, via Tortoise, the influences on Feorm are there for all too see. Yet, there is also something original and fresh about the 12 finely crafted instrumentals on this spectacular album.

As Didier Becu writes in Peek-a-Boo magazine, this record “is one of the most honest releases you will come across these days.”

It’s honest because it is real music played by real musicians, creating something special just for the love of doing so.

The original concept behind the group was to just turn up and play live without rehearsal. Although that never happened, the spontaneity of the idea can be heard right throughout this album.

Like the great jazz combos, the members of Feorm – all hugely talented musicians in their own right – feed off each other’s inventiveness. It has created one of the most surprising and enjoyable records of the year.

‘Feorm’ is certainly a record for serious music lovers. But it’s more than worth investing some time in… after all, that’s exactly what its creators did.

Available in a limited run of 1,000, you can buy ‘Feorm’ now from iTunes, Amazon and



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