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Music Review for Pop Punk Rockers All The Right Moves -‘The Monster I’ve Become’ EP

All The Right Moves -‘The Monster I’ve Become’ Review

By C.W. Ross

When I first heard of this band’s name it reminded me of the 1980’s high school football movie of the same name that starred Tom Cruise, Craig T. Nelson and Lea Thompson that was filmed in my hometown.

The band got their start five years ago when singer-songwriters Brandon Daly and Braden Ashworth got together as an acoustic band named ,The Evermore Escape. In 2008 the band changed their name to All The Right Moves and decided to go in a pop punk direction with their sound.

‘The Monster I’ve Become’ consist of 6-tracks that deal mostly with bad relationships. “Point of View”, featuring vocals from Ryan Wickard (Take Cover) gets things off to a fast start with its up-tempo pop rock style.

“You Always Bring Me Down”, offers up some interesting music along with lyrics dealing with frustrations involved with a difficult relationship. The title track, “The Monster I’ve Become”, deals with the different ways people handle intense relationships. “Hurricane”, is a melodic track dealing with the end of a bad relationship. “Hollywood”, is a lively up tempo pop rock track.

After dealing with bad relationships in the preceding songs from the band things end on an up-note with, “Learn to Love Again.” As the song’s title implies the power ballad is about getting to that point after a bad relationship when your ready to take another chance on love.


Review Takeaway: With their latest EP, ‘The Monster I’ve Become’ All The Right Moves does just that and make all the right moves musically adding a freshness to their sound via the keyboard and violin parts that are used to augment the bands rock solid pop punk style.


About CW Ross

I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


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