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Music Review for Christian Artist JJ Heller – ‘Deeper’ Release

JJ Heller – ‘Deeper’ Music Review

By C.W. Ross

Christian artist JJ Heller’s latest release, “Deeper’, does just that with very personal song lyrics that aren’t afraid to delve deeply into various life related issues.

‘Deeper’, was originally slated for a 2009 release date but a decision was made to instead release the more radio friendly, ‘When I’m With You.’

‘Deeper’, contains several original acoustic raw versions of the same more polished songs that were found on, ‘When I’m With You.’

The album kicks off with, “I Get to Be the One”, a flowing song about the joy of being a parent and having the opportunity to watch over your children as they grow up.

“When I’m With You”, is a piano lead free flowing track about the special joy that comes with being in love that makes everything just that much better in your life.

“In the End”, is a folk sounding track that deals with the thought that we need to get our priorities in order and to not put too much emphasis on the material things in life.

“Someday”, is a semi up-tempo track about finding peace on earth along with the unbelievable joy and peace that awaits us in Heaven.

“Red Against Your Black”, deals with the redemptive power of Jesus’ blood over our sin.

‘Deeper’ ends like it started, on a strong note, with the worship track, “Kingdom Come.”


Review Takeaway: If you like your music with a raw edge and honest lyrics then JJ Heller’s, ‘Deeper’ is for you.


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