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Music Review For A Journey Down the Well- ‘How Little Can Be the Orchestra’ EP

A Journey Down the Well- ‘How Little Can Be the Orchestra’ EP Review

By C.W. Ross

A Journey Down The Well got their start in 2006 releasing two albums (‘The Funeral Album’ -2007 and ‘Sorry Monsters, I Have To Grow’- 2009) under its original line up. Taner Torun, one of the group’s founding members, joined forces with cellist Ipek Zeynep Kadioglu and recorded their first release, ‘How Little Can Be the Orchestra’ EP with the new duo lineup.

The concept of the release is to create a full orchestra style while using a minimalist approach to the music. It’s hard to believe that the only instrumentation used on the release is piano, cello and violin that are manipulated at times in ways that make them sound unrecognizable.

You also find recorded sounds including, cars, children, people celebrating and animal noises used in the songs to achieve their full sound.

Out of the 4-tracks that make up the EP my favorite happens to also be the shortest with a running time of only 2:36, while the other 3- tracks range from, “How” (3:10), to “Little”(7:06) and “The Orchestra” (7:11) being the longest in length.

Although the track, “Can Be,” may be the shortest in length it manages to give off a really exuberant energy. I also have to give a mention to the closing track, “The Orchestra,” that is overflowing with those previously mentioned recorded sounds.

I also like the duos clever use of when the 4-song titles are put together they form the releases title.


Review Takeaway: With their new release A Journey Down the Well manages to answer the questioning title of their, ‘How Little Can Be the Orchestra’ EP as being two with the rich orchestral sound that the duo manages to achieve on it.


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