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The Rock & Roll Heaven Smartphone Application – Music Trivia and More

Ever wondered who the members of the ’27 Club’ are? Or who first turned The Beatles onto pot? Or maybe you’re one of those music fans who think they know it all already?

Either way, for anyone who loves debating music trivia with their buddies over a couple of cold ones, there’s only one app to add to your Smartphone: ‘Rock & Roll Heaven’ is THE music trivia quiz. Sporting the largest database of any music trivia app, it’ll put those long-standing musical arguments to bed… while starting a few new ones at the same time.

Gary Guthrie, the brains behind the ever-growing battalion of questions knows the kind of thing that gets music fans’ grey matter turning over. “We believe that the true music fan has an insatiable appetite for trivia that not only tests their knowledge, but also informs and enlightens them about musicians and their backstories,” he says.

Spoken like a true music aficionado. We all know that it isn’t just about being up on your lyrics, feeling your music and dancing your socks off – it’s also about knowing who designed the Led Zeppelin album covers and where Jim Morrison got his hair cut. Because it’s trivia that separates the real music lover from the rest.

And Guthrie knows his stuff. He has hung out backstage with everyone from KISS to John Denver, gave birth to the Classic Hits/Rock format on more than 20 major market radio stations, and received gold record awards for his early support of artists like Bruce Springsteen and Meat Loaf. In the process he’s amassed a library of juicy rock & roll insights. He’s even become a music trivia question, himself, as the radio programmer who spliced together solo versions of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” spawning Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond’s legendary duet.

The game has four categories of questions: ‘Classic Rock,’ ‘Classic Oldies,’ ‘Lyrics,’ and ‘The 80s and Beyond.’ There is something here for everyone, whether you were brought up on The Beatles and Bob Dylan, Bad Company and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, the Beach Boys and Bee Gees, Pink Floyd or the Pretenders. There’s even a touch of the Beck and Beyonce era to make sure you’re still on your game.

And the greatest thing about ‘Rock and Roll Heaven’ is that it is a truly interactive game. Every player can upload their own questions and try and outfox fellow trivia buffs. Plus, because there’s different point values for each question, the app can be used as a party or bar game.

To keep things fresh, there’s new content added daily and the game’s leaderboards enable the real trivia warriors to claim bragging rights over friends and families, while others will be happy with just broadening their own musical horizons.

What’s more, the whole thing is entirely free (or just 99 cents for a no-ads version).

Either way, one thing is certain: the ‘Rock & Roll Heaven’ app is a must-have for anyone who has music in their soul.

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