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Former Preacher Stone Drummer Brent ‘Wildman’ Enman Recording Debut Solo CD at GAT 3 Studios

Recognized for his drumming talents, Brent Wildman Enman is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist equally adept at lead guitar, bass guitar and vocals. He will co-produce the album with two time Grammy award winning producer and studio owner Glenn A Tabor III and play all the instruments.

Asked what we can expect from the new release?

“It’s a pretty diverse collection on songs I had home demo’d from around 2004 till now. Most of the songs are ideas that literally popped into my head like someone turning on an internal radio-they were complete down to vocal harmonies, like a stream of consciousness type of thing. So whatever came to me in that moment is what I tried to capture, so some songs are straight up hard rock, some a bit bluesy and some unapologetic pop type stuff”.

Wildman sites bands from the 60’s and 70’s as his major musical influences. “I was big into stuff like Grand Funk Railroad and early Alice Cooper and Deep Purple and of course I was really into the Beatles who I think triggered all my musical passions early on”. Wildman hopes to bring back a little of the magic of the 70’s and 80’s music with his new-classic sound. Plans are for a spring 2012 release.



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