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Music Review for Chicago-based Psych Rock Band Secret Colours ‘EP3’ Release

Music Review for Secret Colours ‘EP3’

By C.W. Ross

While the band Secret Colours has only been around for two years in that time they’ve managed to put out a lot of music with the latest being their five track release entitled, ‘EP3.’

The band brought Brian Deck (Red Red Meat) onboard to produce the EP.

The track, “Faust,” kicks things off with its hypnotic repetitive guitar line opening that then turns into a full blown 60’s psych rock sound. The 60’s love fest continues with the next two tracks, “Legend of Love” and “Tender Pretender.”

Next up is the folk edged sounding track, “Carry My Soul,” that offers up a nice mellow soothing sound that’s found on it.

Things wrap up with, “Sunny Afternoon”, a track that has a 60’s pop vibe thanks to the jaunty lead vocals and light edged instrumentation found on it.


Review Takeaway: What you’ll find on Secret Colours latest release, ‘EP3’ is the band’s signature sound that is an homage to 60’s psychedelic and pop rock that’s tweaked with a modern vibe to achieve its inviting end sound.


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I'm a Christian who likes writing about Indie and Christian music, college softball and airguns.


One thought on “Music Review for Chicago-based Psych Rock Band Secret Colours ‘EP3’ Release

  1. I love this band Secret Colours. Their music is all orginial.

    Posted by Helen Scheid | December 29, 2011, 10:38 am

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