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Review for Spekulation’s ‘Self-Titled’ EP That Takes Hip-Hop Music in a Whole New Direction

Music Review for Spekulation’s ‘Self-Titled’ EP

By C.W. Ross

Seattle artist Spekulation’s career got started in 2009 since then he’s released his music in various formats, mixtapes, singles, eps etc…. and now he’s back again with his latest release, a 5-track self-titled ep. Although he’s been around for awhile this is the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Spekulation’s music. I learned about him when he contacted me about reviewing the new ep.

Once the music started up on the ep I knew that listening to his music was going to be a good experience. Spekulation’s music mixes hip-hop with jazz, folk and rock elements thru its mix of horns, strings & percussion parts alongside rapping, scratching & samples that are found on it that makes his sound unique and fresh.

The aptly titled first track, “Introduction”, gets the ball rolling. The song starts out with the sounds of an orchestra tuning up that are then joined by rhythmic rapping.

Track-2, “Something is Happening Here”, includes a sampling taken from Bob Dylan’s, “Ballad of a Thin Man.” Lyrically the song talks about how mass-media can control people’s viewpoints and twist the real truth for their own good. The track is also the first single from the ep.

Next up is, “I’m Not Sorry” a track that mixes both rap and singing vocals while also mixing hip-hop and jazz elements thanks to the nice arrangement of keys, string and horn parts along with strategically placed scratching that’s found on it. This song really hit on all cylinders for me making it one of my favorite tracks found on the ep.

“I Want It All” has up front rap lyrics along with background instrumentation that keeps the sound lively.

The ep wraps up with the track, “Inception”, a keys and strings driven song that talks about living in the here-and-now, not let others change your life desires or being too afraid to follow your own dreams.


Review Takeaway: The songs that make up Spekulation’s self-titled ep are quick hitters that get right to the point both entertaining you while also making you ponder their lyrics. While the release does carry a ‘parental advisory’ rating label due to a few well placed f-bombs found in some of the lyrics don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a listen.


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