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Willoughby Releases 7-Inch Single With Full-Length Album to Follow in 2012

Los Angeles five-piece Willoughby releases their first single in nearly three years. While some bands take a break after their first album, Willoughby mastermind Gus Seyffert spent the past couple of years honing his craft as the touring bassist for the likes of Black Keys and Norah Jones. When it came time to settle back into his Los Angeles studio to write new Willoughby tunes, he found himself inspired and eager to take his band in a slightly new direction.

Willoughby, which features Seyffert on vocals and lead guitar, Jake Blanton on bass, Josh Adams on drums, Charlie Wadhams on rhythm guitar and John Wood or Bram Inscore on keyboards, are releasing the 7-inch single in advance of their sophomore album, which they plan to put out in early 2012. In addition to the speeding-through-the-desert, echoed swamp guitar sounds of “This Will Be Your Drink,” the single features a cover of the Leonard Cohen classic “Everybody Knows” as the B-side.

Seyffert says of Willoughby’s new tunes: “Aesthetically they have some of the same qualities as the last album, but this record is a little bit more buoyant. The last record was very laid back – it had a heartbroken, melancholy feel to it. This one has great energy.”

The band employed the analog production technique they used on their first album, recording the tunes to tape and then pressing straight to vinyl to maintain an authentic, retro sound without any digital flourishes. This technique perfectly suits the band’s no-frills, laid-back style reminiscent of Chet Baker and Elliot Smith.

Circle Jerks bassist and artist Zander Schloss created the artwork featured on the cover of the single.

In addition to 7-inch vinyl, the tunes are on itunes –

January 16th – Harvard & Stone – Los Angeles, CA (with Zia McCabe from Dandy Warhols)

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