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Debut Single From Brisbane Newbies Smith & Frank- “Charlie”

Where on earth have this pair come from? Smith & Frank is, Toby Meadows and Taija Marie Davis and their home-made ambient indie pop is a one of a kind sound flowing through Brisbane’s ears at the moment.

After a night of rain and wine, with the help of a built-in MacBook microphone, they discovered their sound was something special with ‘Sorry For Being Brief’. The better part of instruments are found in household items and oddities lying around, giving their sound a raw and powerful feel. The following weeks saw plenty of writing and studio time then the release of their debut single – ‘Charlie’. And people are loving it! Losing their radio play virginity with The Sunday Washup with Dave and Kieren last week, they’ve been overwhelmed with the reponse and are frantically gathering more material and setting up what is sure to be a live show like none other.

Toby Meadows is a familiar name around Brisbane being the head honcho for local creative collective – Contortionist Studios. Having an incredible ear for music, he has set up his own studio within the Contortionist Warehouse where he has been recording the likes of Sunshine Ensemble, Mosman Alder and Arial Haze.

Taija Marie Davis is on the other end of that spectrum however. Better known for her work with Rare Finds as the Online Media Publicist and freelance artist manager, her realisation of musical ability came a little later. After she was given a 1972 Yamaha electric organ, she played her first key 6 months ago and discovered utter peace in playing. Never having had a singing lesson in her life, it was a shock to all when those notes came out.

Needless to say, this pair are sure to be a prescence to keep an ear out for as they prepare for the stage!

Stream/Download Smith & Frank-“Charlie”

Source- Smith & Frank


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