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Music Review for Christian Artist Peder Eide’s New Release, ‘Rescue’

Peder Eide- ‘Rescue’ Review

By C.W. Ross

The number 14 is a good one for musician Peder Eide, ‘Rescue’ is his 14th studio recording and he’s been associated with the group Compassion International for 14 years.

Eide will donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of ‘Rescue’ to the Highly Vulnerable Children’s Fund via Compassion International. The fund helps children who have been orphaned, have a severely ill parent or are at high risk to be exploited or abused.

The whole concept of the songs that make up, ‘Rescue,’ is to be more pro-active with your faith. Eide puts it this way,”We need less spectators to point out the fire and more firemen to run into the buildings,” he continues on saying, “We’ve got to stop talking about how we can change the world and just do it. God took a risk by loving us. We need to do the same.”

Stylistically you’ll find everything from modern praise & worship, pop and rock to country influenced songs on ‘Rescue.’

There wasn’t a bad track on the release but songs that really caught my attention include the opening track, “Your Love is Better Than Life,” an upbeat modern p&w track that reminded me of groups like, Delirious? and Hillsong United. If this track doesn’t get you up on your feet with your hands raised in praise I don’t know what will.

Track-2, “That’s What Family Does,” has a rhythm that reminded me of the Tom Cochrane song, “Life Is a Highway.” The song deals with how important the family of Christ is in those tough times when it seems like everything is going wrong and you don’t know where to turn in your life.

“Come to the Rescue,” is a heart wrenching track about an orphaned 8 year old boy and the need for us to not only hear the cries of the hurting and vulnerable, especially the children, but to also do something about it.

The last track, “Take What I Have,” is a worshipful piano ballad with simple, yet powerful lyrics, about letting go of what you have, turning it all over to Jesus, letting Him have total control over your life.


Review Takeaway: With listening to hundreds of releases in a year my next track finger often gets a good workout but with Peder Eide’s ‘Rescue,’ it got a well needed rest because every track found on this release hits the mark and are filled with morsels of faith related wisdom.


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