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Singer Songwriter Mark Gothard Releases His Fifth Full-Length Album

Mark Gothard admits he has been around the block a few times already.

This native Californian singer-songwriter has lived all across the United States, and everywhere he’s gone he’s taken his guitar and his imagination and created music.

Now, with his fifth full-length album, Mark Gothard has made the best music of a career that is already full of highlights. He has written more than 300 songs over 20 years, some dark, some full of hope, all touched with a melancholy that the greats all manage to conjure.

‘The Poet’ – recorded by award-winning producer Lauren Stalnecker – is in many ways the culmination of a life on the road, searching for the great American song.

Like the best idiosyncratic songwriters since time immemorial, Gothard packs his songs with stories from a rich and varied existence.

He channels the spirit of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and, most of all his great musical hero Tom Waits into the songs on ‘The Poet’. Yet this is not music that apes those that have come before him. Like all the true artists, Gothard is an original.

Just as Woody Guthrie travelled across America looking for stories to set his guitar upon, so has Gothard. He has lived in concrete jungles and country wildernesses, and each has informed a different part of his creativity.

Assisted for the first time by truly top class production, ‘The Poet’ is not only the best album made by the latest great songwriter of his generation, but is sure to be one of the best albums of the year.

This is music for real music lovers. Enjoy it over and over again…



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